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Marketing Powered by Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What we create?

  • Pay Per Click

    Pay Per Click is an internet marketing model that charges advertisers for each click targeted users clicks on ads. User is directed towards a landing page from where advertisers collect consumer data in a compliant practice to convert them into a potential client.

  • Pay Per Call

    Pay Per Call (PPC) is an old-school way of securing more customers through phone calls. Like any other lead generation method, the focus of PPC is to convert leads into customers for businesses. PPC is an advertising, billing and performance marketing model that's paid on a per-call basis, and the purpose is to connect businesses with inbound leads through phone calls.

  • Leads

    Leads are potential customers for businesses. Lead generation campaigns help businesses generate targeted prospects and convert them into their real-time customers. LGM distributes leads in ping/post, direct post and via it’s CPA Network.

  • CPA Network

    CPA Network is an advertisement brokerage model in which we host offers from our directly contracted advertisers to run their lead generation programs with our long term, trusted publisher network who are online marketing experts and have been vet thoroughly over many years of working with LGM.

We Are Lead Gate Media

About Us

Lead Gate Media GmbH (LGM) is a performance marketing company that empowers the data driven economies with high intent consumers. Our core business was established in 2012 in Montreal, Canada by Data Scientists, and Internet Entrepreneur Emir Celik. Later, the company has expanded its operations with like-minded professionals and moved its headquarters to Düsseldorf, Germany. Till now, we have laid our strong foundation in the USA insurance and finance market.

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We understand the science behind customer acquisition. It’s all about the data analysis and optimization of online marketing campaigns. Our company in this regard plays a crucial role by recognizing the modern world needs and offering the efficient customer acquisition services to its clients and business partners. The business model is concentrated on four key dimensions of customer acquisition; Clicks, Calls, Leads, LGM Ad Platform.

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