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Enhancing Lead Management with LGM's Efficient Lead Distribution Systems

LGM lead distribution system is a software that allows businesses to manage and distribute leads efficiently and effectively. There are several types of lead distribution methods, including Ping/Post, Direct Post, and Host and Post.


Ping/Post is a type of lead distribution system that allows businesses to automatically send leads to their partners or affiliates in real-time. This is done through a "ping" or notification, which alerts the recipient that a new lead is available. The recipient can then "post" or accept the lead, and the lead is automatically routed to them. Ping/Post systems are fast and efficient, and they can help businesses quickly convert leads into customers.

Direct Post

Direct Post is another type of lead distribution system that allows businesses to directly send leads to their partners or affiliates. In this case, the business sends the lead directly to the recipient, rather than relying on a ping or notification. This can be a good option for businesses that have a smaller number of partners or affiliates, or that want to have more control over how their leads are distributed.

Host and Post

Host and Post is a lead distribution system that involves hosting the leads on a centralized platform, and allowing partners or affiliates to access and claim the leads as they become available. This can be a good option for businesses that want to ensure that all of their leads are being properly managed and distributed, but that don't want to send the leads directly to their partners or affiliates.


These systems work by receiving leads from various sources, such as web forms or API feeds, and then routing the leads to the appropriate salesperson or team based on predetermined rules.

Main Features

Lead Generation

A potential customer submits their contact information through a web form on a company's website or through a third-party lead generation site.

Lead Capture

The lead generation software captures the lead's contact information and stores it in a database.

Lead Rooting

The lead distribution software evaluates the lead based on predetermined rules, such as the type of product or service the lead is interested in, their location, or other relevant factors. The software then stores and makes the lead available for buyers to bid on.


The lead is sent to the highest bidder: Once the bidding process is complete, the lead is automatically sent to the business that placed the highest bid.

Lead distribution

The lead is sent to the designated salesperson or team, typically via email or through a web-based interface.

Lead follow-up

The salesperson or team follows up with the lead, either by phone or email, to try to convert the lead into a paying customer.

Using online lead distribution software like LGM Lead Distribution Software can greatly streamline the lead distribution process for businesses, saving time and resources and improving the efficiency of the sales team. It can also help to ensure that leads are being handled by the most appropriate salesperson or team, increasing the chances of converting the lead into a customer.

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